Make a step forward

Make a step forward

What is UpWell?

UpWell Development Consulting is a dynamic group of associates specialised in most-needed cross-sectoral expertise to accelerate new project ideas or to expand already settled businesses.
UWDC aims to support ideas through uncertain times, exploit the potential of the digital, and share a common plan with entrepreneurs to boost their work.

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About us

We are mostly specialised in web & app development, graphics and visual design, public funds management, e-commerce, social media management and supply chain.
We believe in humanity and honesty, in creating credible plans deeply rooted in your ideas and aspirations.

Our work for you

  • Discuss and plan togheter
  • Define the actions & the work needed
  • Select the expertise you need
  • Get the work done and boost your project


How to make a good website to reach your audience.

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Web app is the next level of a website – make your programme run now.

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Mobile App

Apps can improve the customer experience. Want to try?

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Good visuals design your reputation. We are here to help.

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Photo Shooting &
Video Making

Bad photos and videos drive audience away. That is why you need good media.

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Project Design,
Fundraising & Management

How to exploit the right funds to boost your ideas.

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SEO & Marketing

How to find the right message to engage your audience.

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Supply Chain

Sustainability is at the core of food supply chain.

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Local Development

Training for your staff has never been easier.

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A place for all your ideas

How many times you had to ask to one business about photos, another one about the graphics, another about the web strategy and while struggling with funds? Relax. Here you can find a place with all the expertise needed to develop your full digital presence, your customer relationship and your possibilities to get European funds.

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