Upwelling occurs in the ocean when cold water rises to the surface bringing nutrients. These nutrients fertilise the environment around making waters have high biological productivity.

This is UpWell Development Consulting philosophy – we see change as an opportunity to thrive and create successful solutions for your ideas.

We mainly work with small firms to expand their perspectives, set up new business projects, apply for funds or define a new integrated digital approach.
We are mostly specialised in web & app development, graphics and visual design, public funds management, e-commerce, social media management and supply chain.

If you are a cultural institution, a small non-profit or a public authority, we have also a solution for you at a fair price.


Delays are not your fault.

How many times have you found yourself caught in many businesses proposing different things?
How many times have you waited for months to have results and cross-check different consultants?
How many times you had to ask to one business about photos, another one about the web strategy and another one about content development struggling with funds?

With UpWell Development Consulting you can find a place where all your requests can be discussed and implemented in a convenient way with no delays.


Generally, we start with your idea and then we build on it.
What really matters is what you want and where you aim to go.
The point of difference we offer is that we can build a round strategy with you on your digital presence.

UpWell is not just consulting. It also means to find a consulting helping you to find the relevant resources for your projects.

In this way, you will not need to ask to different professionals who often have hard time to come to an agreement.
Here, you ask things only once to one place.

A clear digital Philosophy2020-11-02T11:08:06+00:00

We believe in humanity and honesty, in creating credible plans deeply rooted in your ideas and aspirations.
Digital means to gain trust and to be transparent.

We are here because we like what we do and how we do it for the businesses asking for our support.

Your new brand communication2020-11-02T11:09:35+00:00

We are creative.
New logos, new communication campaigns, social media management and all of this is part of everyday work.

You are more than welcome to check our creative portfolio.

For your e-commerce2020-11-11T16:47:01+00:00

Maybe, you want to develop an e-commerce, so you need to choose products, how to present them, define a visual strategy, how to deal with online advertising and how to choose the countries where to sell your products in.
To do so, you have to combine different consultants and you risk losing money and time.

With UpWell, you will find all your answers about e-commerce development and expansion.

For your new website2020-11-11T16:46:08+00:00

For example, if you want to create a new website, you will need a photographer and a graphic designer, or someone who can write the content to be easily found on the Internet.

If you already have a website, here you can find any solution to improve your presence to study your clients, or making the usage of your web resources more efficient to bring you the next level of digital work.

For your projects2020-11-11T16:48:06+00:00

UpWell has expertise in fund-raising. It means to look for the relevant funding schemes which can suit your business idea. What does it concretely mean?
We will handle for your all the bureaucratic papers and application filling.
Many times businesses do not really have time to do this, so let us do the work for you.

For our customers, there is no front fee for fundraising. You win, we win.

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